12 Times Justin Timberlake’s Family Was Too Cute for Words

January 31, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

Happy birthday, Justin Timberlake! The singer, actor, and suave dancer turns 37 today, and while he’s still a heartthrob, his days of playing the field are long gone. Instead of bringing “Sexy Back,” he spends his weekends hanging with 2-year-old son Silas.

In fact, he’s so good that after five years of marriage, his wife Jessica Biel can’t even find a flaw in her hubby. “Literally every year we’re married I’m looking for that thing that he really sucks at,” Biel joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Cutest Couple Moments

One thing that he’s definitely good at is gushing over his adorable family. The hit-maker can’t help but be impressed by his toddler’s moves. “He keeps up with all the words to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling.’ It’s kind of crazy,” Timberlake told DeGeneres. “He dances around the house.”

Like father, like son, it seems. Keep scrolling for 12 adorable photos of his young family that will fill the ‘N Sync–sized hole in your heart.

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