4 Tips for Men’s Summer Skincare

When it comes to the summer months, increased temperatures and glaring sunshine can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dryness, irritation and – if you’re not prepared – burning. It’s not all bad news there are a number of products and techniques can consider if you want to breeze through the sunny season with ease, let’s take a look.

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1: Exfoliate

Not just for summer skin care, it goes without saying that you should be exfoliating about twice weekly all year round. A combination of physical and chemical exfoliation will strip dead skin cells from your face and help to prevent blockage or unwanted build up.

Arguably, more imperative in the summer months than during winter, when the sun begins beaming your skin’s temperature will rise – leading to increased sweat and oil production. This sweat and oil can build up in pores, causing white heads, ingrown hairs and a generally unsightly complexion – not what we’re going for.

Choose a quality exfoliator and, if you’re really going for it, grab some exfoliating gloves for a twice weekly once over. Not only will it prevent the undesirable, combined with a scrub – it’ll leave your skin looking far healthier, trust us.

Man applying moisturiser


2: Choose Your Moisturiser Wisely

While most guys will take the ‘grab the cheapest’ approach to selecting their moisturiser, you could be doing yourself a greasy disservice by not opting for one specifically tailored to withstanding summer sun or oily skin. It really pays to do your research and take your time when choosing a moisturiser, do it once – then it’s just a matter of picking a new one up every time it runs out.

That being said, when it comes to your summer moisturiser there are two main factors you should be considering. First up is sun protection, most day to day moisturisers now come with at least 15SPF mixed in so there’s really no excuse. While in an ideal world, you’ll be wearing additional suncream on top – get a solid foundation down with a moisturiser/sun protection hybrid.

Secondly, you should be keeping an eye on the ingredients list to spot beneficial additions to your moisturiser. Ingredients like salicylic acid for exfoliating properties, aloe vera for cooling and vitamin c for a brighter complexion are worth looking out for – who not let your moisturiser do the work for you?

Face moisturiser for men
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3: Use Sun Protection

While we’ve already stressed the importance of using sun protection, the more coverage you can give your skin the better. First up, even if you’ve already got an SPF bolstered moisturiser – it’s still worth adding in a little more sun protection.

That considered, if you’ve got a moisturiser that doesn’t have an SPF built in, mixing in a little SPF when applying is strongly advised. We’d recommend you wear an SPF50 on the daily, while this may seem a little excessive, you’ll thank us later when your mates are sagging and your skin’s still looking firm, fair and fresh.

Man applying sun cream
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4: Cleanse Properly

Lastly, while exfoliating a couple of times a week will scrub away and remove any dead skin/oil buildup; the continued use of a quality cleanser will minimise your chances of any buildup in the first place.

Twice daily, you should be giving your skin a proper cleanse with a cloth and a men’s skin cleanser. While many unisex options will do the job, a dedicated men’s cleanser will contain ingredients that’ll work best on men’s skin, minimising oil production and typically containing more rigorous, man-friendly ingredients than that of the fairer sex.

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4 Tips for Men’s Summer Skincare

  • Exfoliate: Exfoliating once or twice weekly will remove any oil/skin cell buildup.
  • Cleanse twice daily: A proper cleanse will scrub skin clean of a day’s worth of dirt, preventing any breakouts.
  • Choose your moisturiser wisely: Go for a moisturiser with an SPF and oil-reducing ingredients inside.
  • Use SPF: No need to explain. You should be using SPF daily.
zac efron summer skin
Zac Efron summer skin

On That Note

That’s your lot! With the four simple men’s skin care tips for summer, you should be able to minimise the chances of suffering with a dreaded oily/greasy complexion as well as keeping your sun damage to a minimum. While you may be slow to integrate all of the above into your daily routine, if there’s one thing we can’t stress enough – wear sunscreen lads, honestly.



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