7 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Americans

No doubt, someone in your life has repeatedly encouraged you to watch The Americans, a series they likely described as “amazing,” “must-see,” “the best show on television,” et al … You’ve heard it all before, I know, but humor me for a moment.

On Wednesday, March 28, the FX Cold War drama kicks off its sixth and final season—and, surprise, surprise, I’m going to encourage you to watch it.

Since the very first episode, The Americans has brought its all in every conceivable way. Brilliant writing, incredible performances, and impressive period costuming and sets only scratch the surface of the series’ greatness. Despite it all, the show has been unfairly overlooked when it comes to awards season—though frequently nominated, the only Emmys the series has won are for Margo Martindale’s stunning guest performance. Maybe sixth time’s a charm?

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For the reasons above, and those below, The Americans really shouldn’t be missed. Catch up on the series’ five seasons on Amazon Prime ASAP!

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