Angled Bob Haircut Looks and Its Evolution Over the Years

Victoria Beckham can be credited to making angled bob haircuts sone of the most requested looks of 2007, but she was hardly the first person to wear the style. It’s been in play since before your grandmother was born, and unlike “the Rachel” it’s showing no signs of extinction.

The exact aesthetics of angled bobs ebbs and flows, but its defining factor is its variation in length. “The cut is timeless when done right and gives a cute round taper in the back to show off the neckline with more length in front to accentuate the cheekbones and chin,” says Aaron Grenia, the Co-Founder of IGK Hair Care. 

Commonly, the haircut features longer strands in the front, or around the face, and shorter in the back, but that can also be seen swapped.

In the mid-aughts, the cut was all about a dramatic change in length, featuring chin-grazing strands in front and hair as short as the nape of the neck in the back. Today, the difference in length can be so subtle, it’s almost undetectable.

Take a walk (or, we guess a scroll) through bob history with this gallery of the most iconic look sof all time.

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