Ann Taylor Shows Us Just How Empowering Pants Can Be

What were you thinking about when you put your favorite pair of pants on this morning to go to work? How badly you needed a hot cup of coffee? How stressed you were about that 9 A.M. meeting? How happy you are it’s Thursday? Whatever you were thinking, I’d put money on the fact that you weren’t thanking the women that came before us who fought for us to be able to wear the pants you were putting on. 

This basic wardrobe staple might seem like an afterthought for us, but wearing pants was actually a right that had to be fought for by women throughout history. In the Western world, during the late 1800’s, women only wore pants to partake in industrial labor. During WWII, women borrowed their husband’s pants as they began working while their S.O.’s went to wore. In the 30’s, Gabrielle Chanel controversial introduced pants into her collection, but it wasn’t until the 50’s and 60’s that you would see women casually wearing them. In fact, it wasn’t until 1972 that girls were guaranteed the right to wear pants to school. 

In correlation with National Women’s History Month, Ann Taylor is paying tribute to the powerful woman in the workplace and beyond with their new video campaign, Pants are Power. By exploring the history of women and pants, we are certainly inspired to wear ours with pride each and every day in celebration of women’s equality and the power within us all. 

Press play to see the evolution.

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