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Polly McGeary’s Shop Offers Vintage German Wedding Accessories

For the woman who enjoys keeping her bridal couture stylish, delicate and vintage, Polly McGeary’s antique wedding tiaras are definitely an accessory that will be an elegantly sophisticated objet d’art.

The German shop consists of family heirlooms and authentic antiques that are hand-picked and sourced from flea markets, estate sales and elderly acquaintances. The often rich and ancient history behind the antique wedding tiaras add sentimental value to the delightfully sculpted objects. In addition, they can double up as “something old” at the traditional wedding ceremony.

A staple piece in Polly McGeary’s shop is the German Myrtle Antique Wedding Tiara collection. Popularized in the 16th century at weddings in Central Europe, the beautiful accessories are often thoughtfully gifted for the celebration of silver and golden anniversaries.

Photo Credits: Etsy @PollyMcGearyAntiques


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