Charcoal Hair Wipes : Hair Blotting

These Hair Blotting Tissues Remove Excess Oil

IGK is offering Hair Blotting Tissues for those who deal with oily and limp tresses, in a compact and convenient form.

People with oily scalps understand the consequences it can have on hair — which can be both positive and negative. To combat some of the negative consequences of oiliness, which include hair that appears dull and limp, IGK harnessed the absorbant quality of charcoal and infused it into its Hair Blotting Tissues. The tissues come in individual packs that are easily portable, and can be patted onto hair to quickly and efficiently absorb any oil and impurities it has collected throughout the day.

These Hair Blotting Tissues are ideal for those with oily hair who require pick-me-ups throughout the day.


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