Checking In: Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding on nights out in Ibiza, family memories of Cornwall and stuffing knickers into shoes

Girls Aloud star turned Coronation Street actress Sarah Harding tells us about her love of golf, beach bars and the Indian Ocean …

Earliest holiday memory? 

Visiting Cornwall as a child with my family. We used to stay on a farm, so we spent a lot of time playing in the barnyard and building sandcastles on the beach. Everything seaside-related, we did it.

Sarah Harding: A big fan of Ibiza and Cornwall

Sarah Harding: A big fan of Ibiza and Cornwall

Sarah Harding: A big fan of Ibiza and Cornwall

Favourite hotel? 

The decor and spas are amazing at the Banyan Tree hotels, and the Conrad Hilton in the Maldives is paradise. In the UK, I love the Malmaison Birmingham for its rich colours and amazing food.

Best nightlife?

Ibiza, although it’s also great for day life, too. The old town is beautiful to wander around at night.

What do you enjoy most?

My latest hobby is golf. I love hitting a few golf balls around in the sunshine. At night, I’m not a huge lover of nightclubs any more, so I like to visit beach bars.

Most shocking thing you’ve seen?

In Thailand, I saw elephants, donkeys, monkeys and tigers all chained up or in cages. I’m a huge animal lover so I absolutely hate seeing things like that.

Favourite hotel?

Banyan Tree hotels for their settings, decor and amazing spas. In the UK, I love the Malmaison Birmingham.

Ever had a holiday disaster?

I got distracted by a boutique in a Portuguese airport and missed my flight. It left with our luggage on board.

Top packing tip?

Stuff your knickers and socks into your shoes to create extra luggage space. And make sure your other half is taking less than you – that way you can use the space in their case, too.

Where next and what for? 

I’m heading back to Ibiza in the summer as I’m DJing at a club there.

I will also be booking a holiday to somewhere hot (hopefully the Seychelles) after my Coronation Street and music commitments finish.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done while abroad?

I jumped off the top of a three-storey speeding boat in the Indian Ocean.

Strangest situation you’ve found yourself in abroad?

I’ve taken up golf, and on my most recent trip we managed to talk ourselves into a golf resort which accommodated only professional players.

We made up handicaps and bought all the kit so we looked the part!

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