Collaborative Patterned Denim Wear : Wrangler and Peter Max

Wrangler and Peter Max Joined to Create a Colorful Collection

In time for the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion season, Wrangler and Peter Max joined forces to come up with a series of brightly colored denim designs that don’t shy away from bold patterns that are sure to get their wearer noticed.

Included in the collection are an array of shorts, jeans, jackets, shirts, and hoodies, which boast color-blocked designs, spacey graphics, and patchwork embellishments. Although all of the designs are diverse, the collection is held together by a common theme of stylish disarray, with each piece adding a playful edge to any look.

The Spring/Summer 2018 Wrangler and Peter Max collection is currently available from the denim brand’s online store, as well as from select retailers.

Image Credit: Fucking Young!


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