Colorful Hard Candy Jewelry : Hard Candy Jewelry

Jolly Rancher Created Jewelry That Looks Just Like the Candy

For those scrambling for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, Jolly Rancher has created hard candy jewelry that makes for perfect presents. While the new jewelry may resemble the famous candy, these colorful pieces will last for much longer.

To create its new line of hard candy jewelry, Jolly Rancher enlisted the help of National Design Award Winner Mary Ping and Fabrice Covelli. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, and each piece is modeled after the actual candies. Not only is each gem the same size as jolly ranchers, but each flavor is also represented by a different color.

While the tongue-in-cheek collection may seem like an unusual idea, Senior Brand Manager at Jolly Rancher Erik Falck explains, “We’re here to rescue our loyal fans from the suckiest of situations – trying to find ‘the’ gift for a loved one only days before Valentine’s Day.”

Image Credit: Jolly Rancher.


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