Eerie Faceless Fashion Lookbooks : TaaKK

The New TaaKK Collection Was Launched with Unconventional Imagery

Tokyo-based clothing brand TaaKK unveiled its 2018 Spring/Summer collection, along with a stylized lookbook that speaks to some of the inspiration that went into designer Takuya Morikawa’s creations.

The lookbook has a purposefully jumbled aesthetic, which prompts the viewer to linger a little longer on each image in hopes of understanding them. The images are especially confusing given that the models’ faces are covered in apparel as well, with cloths, tees, colorful shirts and even stickers taking away their identity and turning them into eerie-looking mannequins.

Much of the apparel that’s featured in the lookbook boasts statement graphics, which spell out things like “ENDLESS” down the lengths of sleeves and pant legs. In addition to the lookbook, TaaKK launched a short video that speaks to its story.


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