Fashionable Life-Saving Jewelry : Life-Saving Jewelry

Invisawear Connects Users with Family and Police in Emergencies

InvisaWear accessories are not only stylish in appearance, but also double as life-saving jewelry. With this product line, CEO Rajia Abdelaziz hopes to “cultivate a safer and more connected world for everyone.” The smart devices do not only offer users peace of mind, but they have also proven to efficiently boost response times by one to five minutes.

The company has a few stylistic choices of its discreet devices—from keychains to bracelets and necklaces. The smart life-saving jewelry is designed to fit the requirements of any lifestyle or age group. Each InvisaWear product is paired up with a smartphone application, in which emergency contact information can be customized. In a life-threatening situation, the user can press a button that sends an exact, up-to-date location to emergency contacts and nearby police dispatchers.


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