Fun Bridal Swimsuit Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party

You’ve finally convinced your bridesmaids to agree on a dress, and now it’s time to coordinate looks for your bachelorette weekend. We’re talking about swimsuits, specifically. Matching swimsuits for your bridal party plus a stand out option a (coordinated, of course) for the bride.

There are several logo-emblazoned swimsuits to choose from. Or you can keep things minimal and chic with lace detailing. And don’t forget about accessories. We’ve seen bridesmaids hit the beach with bags that look like bouquets. And we’ve also spotted brides dressing up their swimsuits with veils. The options are endless.

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Ahead, we’ve gathered our favorite ideas that will make your bachelorette party feel stylish. Keep scrolling to shop the pool-side looks.

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