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Balenciaga Continues to Promote Its Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

After the debut of the Spring/Summer 2018 in a series of Paparazzi-styled photos, Italian designer house Balenciaga continues to show off this year’s silhouettes in a glitchy luxury fashion campaign. For the photoshoot, the luxe label taps into French film director Valentin Petit and photographer Louise Richard, who use rolling shutter and Adobe Photoshop to capture and alter the images. The result is nothing short of transcendental and psychedelic.

Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2018 luxury fashion campaign boasts its high quality and well tailored designs within a frame that visually depicts fluidity of action and the passing of time. Highlighting select pieces from its footwear, apparel and accessory line, Balenciaga successfully fuses fashion with artistic photography.

Photo Credits: Valentin Petit and Louise Richard


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