Gwynnie Bee Looks at Inclusivity from Different Perspective

Over the past few years, we’ve begun to see growth in the fashion industry’s commitment to size inclusively. More and more, brands are evolving to include options for women of all sizes and shapes. And it’s a two-way street: Plus-size brands are seeing more demand for pieces that are higher fashion at accessible price points. And straight size brands are seeing there’s a need for styles in a variety of sizing.

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Gwynnie Bee has been on the frontline of progression in the plus-size fashion arena, offering fashion from a variety of brands via their mail service business. And resulting from the wild success they’ve had in the plus market, the Gwynnie Bee has decided to expand: they will now carry sizes beginning at 0 and continue to include sizes up to 32.

“Gwynnie Bee was founded to help women experience fashion in a new way. We started by serving women size 10-32, since they represent 80% of the US population, but our mission was never restricted to a specific group of women. We want all women, regardless of their size, to be able to experience the benefits and convenience of having access to a rotating wardrobe. We’re challenging the notion that inclusively means adding on larger sizes to a predominantly straight-sized offering”, says Jessica Dvorett, Vice President of Merchandising.

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“Inclusivity has been an important theme that we have championed for years. At the same time, we were approaching brands about partnering with us to offer plus-sizes, we began to challenge our own thinking. We are excited to present this vision that welcomes all women to share an assortment of the same styles and shown on models representative of the majority.”

It’s refreshing to see that whether a business is sizing up or down, that the conversation is turning into all women, not one group of women. As long as we keep up this momentum we can turn the conversation strictly to fashion and focus less on size.

Check out Gwynnie Bee’s wider size range at and shop some of our favorite selections below.

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