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Urban Decay’s New Collection Includes Bold Purple Highlighters

Urban Decay’s newest addition to its beauty range is a holographic highlighter called ‘Disco Stick.’ Falling in line with the popularity of the unicorn makeup craze, the company released a line of purple-hued shimmering makeup. By combining a magical theme with the classic disco era, these Urban Decay products achieve a magical glow.

The first in the collection is a stick highlighter that provides a multidimensional glow. With specks of pink and lavender sparkles, this highly pigmented stick is sleek and small enough to be taken anywhere. The second in the collection is a Holographic Highlight Powder, featuring a blue and lavender color. This silky sheer powder provides a slightly less dramatic shine than the stick, making it easier to wear on a daily basis by adding just a pop of color.

The new disco unicorn themed holographic highlighter stick and powder will be available January 30th.


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