How to Layer in Summer

The weather can be so unpredictable, especially here in the UK. This is why summer layering is an essential tool that we think every man needs to master so that you’re never unprepared. We’ve come up with some options to layer your clothes in summer whilst following the seasons’ trends ahead.

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As much as we’d love to spend the summer months chilling by a pool in nothing but a pair of swimming shorts, for most of us that’s sadly quite unlikely. Therefore, deciding on an outfit each day (given the unpredictability of the UK weather) that’s both stylish and suitable for whatever nature decides to throw at us, can be a massive ball ache. So, in order to help you with those daily dilemmas, we’ve put together some key lightweight options for how to layer in summer that prepare you for everything from downpours to temperature drops.

Layer A Lightweight Raincoat

In the same way that fishermen need to stay dry while they’re at sea, so do we, as we battle with impromptu British drizzle. It’s a tragic truth that even during summertime in England we can safely expect our fair share of rain, so we need to be prepared. There are a number of lightweight raincoats that won’t make you boiling hot in the summer but instead, will keep you nice and dry in style during the summer showers. Don’t fret, though. Thee jackets can take you through the winter as well making them general all-rounders and a great wardrobe investment.

Our lightweight raincoats from The Idle Man make for the perfect summer addition. In one of these, you don’t have to compromise on style to keep your hair dry. Coming in a few different colours, patterns and styles, we have every guy’s style preferences under wraps. If you like to keep things understated and clean, opt for The Idle Man Lightweight Rubber Rain Jacket in Stone. You can wear this jacket over the top of a T-shirt or even an Oxford shirt with some black jeans and trainers (or loafers, if you’re going smart). It’s versatile, waterproof (obviously), has a drawstring hood and has a zip and snap closure to keep you dry at all times.

Layering With A Hoodie

If there’s one piece you buy this season, we’d suggest you go for the humble hoodie. Not only can we guarantee you’ll be bang on trend, but it’ll keep you cosy when you’re stood in the queue for the club or heading down the pub when the evening chills kick in. Now, when we say hoodie, a lot of you will automatically jump to the conclusion that we mean something scruffy and casual, but not all hoodies have to be. If you opt for one in a staple colour like black or navy, you can use them to layer at any point of the year.

This summer, you can keep your hoodie with you to keep you covered if it gets a little breezy in the day or for when the evening chills kick in. For a great look, wear a pair of white chinos and match them with a navy hoodie. This colour combinations already shouts summer vibes, so that’s one box ticked. You can either wear trainers with this or some smart shoes for somewhere a bit nicer. Wearing smart shoes will dress the hoodie up, too.

Wearing A Hoodie In The summer

Laying a Shirt and a T-shirt

If you’d prefer to blend in with the crowd, as opposed to standing out from it, then this summer layering option should be right up your street. Layering together a T-shirt and a shirt is both versatile and timeless look that can be worn as smart as it can casual. There are plenty of overshirts on the market at the moment. These are shirts which are a bit thicker and sturdier than the ones you’d wear every day, and they’re made to be worn over the top of T-shirt for an extra layer of warmth/protection. When wearing a shirt over a T-shirt, try to keep the T-shirt as understated as possible. Plain T-shirts are best, but ones with a single logo etc are also good.

It is also possible to use a shirt to inject a dash of pattern into your outfit. We stock a variety of patterned and colourful shirts that look great when layered over a plain T-shirt. From stripes to pink polka dots, you can really bring the summer vibes by wearing one unbuttoned. You can also wear this look with a pair of shorts or a pair of chinos, so no matter where you’re off to, it’ll work for you. If you are going to layer in summer then pick options that are easily removed and work without one another so you can have a multitude of looks at the ready.

How to Layer in Summer

  • The British weather can be so unpredictable, even in the summer. This is why we have some layering outfit options at the ready.
  • Raincoats never go out of season, not here, anyway. We have a range of lightweight raincoats in a plethora of styles to carry you through the rainy summer months.
  • Why not try wearing a hoodie in the summer? You can dress a hoodie up or down depending on what you wear it with. It will also give you an added cosy layer for the evening chills.
  • Layering a shirt over a T-shirt is an effortless way to layer in the summer. You can even add a patterned or coloured shirt to bring something fun to the outfit.
Summer Layering

On That Note

We hope that we have given you a touch of summer layering inspiration, from pairing a raincoat with your summer outfit to knowing how to style a hoodie with a pair of loafers. This summer, you can make any look work as long as you know what you’re doing. Keep the outfit minimal and add a splash of colour here or there to jazz it up. With these layering techniques, you’ll never have to worry about being too hot or too cold in this unpredictable summer weather.


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