Kanye West Just Made This Regular-Guy Jacket a Must-Have

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North Face jackets are about to be everywhere—or at least more everywhere than they already are.

A black North Face puffer jacket is about as standard-issue as menswear staples come. But when Kanye West wears something, it’s instantly elevated from ubiquitous to must-have. That’s exactly what he did today in the parking lot of his Calabasas offices (seemingly his new favorite place to be photographed). Though a lot of what West wears, like Balenciaga denim jackets, Rolex watches, and impossible-to-buy Yeezy Boost sneakers, will run you a pretty penny, the good news is that his latest “DadYe” swerve is one most guys can afford.

The solid black North Face jacket isn’t part of any collaboration; it’s not a special-edition anything. Rather, it’s just the brand’s standard issue Nuptse jacket, the one that retails at most stores for just north of $200. As West shows, it’s the perfect everyday sort of piece that’s built for sweats and sneakers and your favorite dad cap. And it’s exactly the kind of jacket you’d expect to see on your local state school alumnus, which really just speaks to its unimpeachable status as a solid ass jacket. Want to know what makes good design? It’s not exorbitant hype—it’s something that everyone and their uncle (and Kanye, too!) wants to own.

The other good news is that even with a Kanye West endorsement, it’d be pretty hard for these jackets to suddenly sell out. And if you want to pick up one for yourself before winter is up, now’s the time. As for his sneakers—a yet-to-be-released version of his new Yeezy Boost 700 sneakers—well, whenever they do drop, they’ll be a lot harder to scoop up than this jacket.


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