Kate Bosworth at the Critic’s Choice Awards

January 12, 2018 @ 9:45 AM

Whether you are covering awards season like us here at InStyle.com or simply watching from your couch, it’s undeniable: This awards season has been different from any we’ve seen before. At the Globes, we saw waves of black dresses walk the red carpet in support of the #TimesUp movement. It was chill-inducing to see how powerful such a visual stance could be. And it didn’t take away from the fashion either. Actress after actress stunned, and showed her unique personal style, albeit in the same shade as her sister.

VIDEO: Kate Bosworth and Her Hubby Are #CoupleGoals in New Rag & Bone Campaign


“The #TimesUp movement has been deeply inspiring and absolutely critical,” Kate Bosworth told InStyle.com days after the Globes, as she got ready for the Critics Choice Awards. “No one in the workplace should feel vulnerable from an abuse of power, harassed, or diminished. It has also been incredibly inspiring to see such an extraordinary group of women come together. Historically, actresses have been made to feel competitive or insecure about one another. I have always tried to champion a feeling of “inclusiveness” in the industry.”

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