Kendall Jenner Body-Shamed for Feet in Nude Picture

Kendall Jenner Body-Shamed for Feet in Nude Picture

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to internet criticism. Whether she’s being shamed for her acne, her smoking selfies, or her emoji choices, the 22-year-old model has heard it all. So it should come as no surprising that she’s being scrutinized for another absurd and mean-spirited reason: her feet.

On Sunday, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star posted an artsy, black-and-white nude selfie on Instagram. The shot showed Jenner posing 100-percent naked in a garden with her hands over her breasts and her feet on a chair. Despite baring her entire body on the internet, critics could only concentrate on one thing.

Immediately after posting the picture, Jenner was flooded with body-shaming comments criticizing the appearance of her feet. Many described her toes as “weird” and “jacked,” while others scrutinized her for having feet that were uneven in size. Jenner faced a similar backlash for another nude photo of her perched on a staircase. A few comments included:

“I love you but girl what is wrong with your toes?”

“Toes are jacked and one foot is twice as long as the other.”

“I’m screaming look at her toes.”

“What is with her feet?”

As of yet, Jenner hasn’t responded to the body-shaming. But if we know her, she’s letting the hate roll off her shoulders. Whether she’s being criticized for her weight, her skin, or her feet, Jenner is still being body-shamed. There is no ideal way a body or body part should look, so trolls who are calling Jenner’s feet “weird” need to take a hike.

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