Luxe Tech-Infused Fashion Collaborations : chanel and farfetch

Chanel and Farfetch are Creating a New Retail Environment

Luxury beauty brands are continuing to find ways to appeal to a Millennial consumer, which is why Chanel and Farfetch have partnered, to offer consumers a unique online shopping experience that features elements of augmented reality.

The two brands are collaborating to present consumers with a retail environment that combines both the digital and physical shopping world. Chanel’s Fashion President Bruno Pavolsky stated that “We are confident that Farfetch’s innovative technology will help us develop an even more outstanding customer journey by combining a great e-service offering with a genuine CHANEL boutique experience.”

This unique partnership hopes to revolutionize the online shopping experience, while helping expensive luxury brands stay relevant to a more contemporary consumer.

Image Credit: Karl Lagerfeld


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