Minimalist Multifunctional Bags : Multifunctional Bags

Fem Bags are Made in Japan and Boast a Lightweight Composition

Fem is a new line of multifunctional bags by East Tokyo Made that seeks to bring comfort and versatility to the consumer. The meaning of the world “fem” in Sweedish translates to “five” and is set to represent the five pillars of good design for the company: simple, stylish, practical, joyful and universal.

The multifuncitonal bags are conceptualized and designed in Japan with a minimalist motif in mind. The bags are gender-neutral and boast an ultra lightweight fabric that is water and stain-resistant, highly breathable, well-organized and foldable. Designed to “meet the daily lifestyle and aesthetic demand of minimalists worldwide,” the multifunctional bags come in four colors: black, tan, white and navy, and are a fitting accessory to any outfit.

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