People Are Actually Wearing Chanel’s PVC Plastic Hats

What’s the price of staying dry? If you ask Chanel, they’ll tell you $1,150.

The chic French fashion house has joined the PVC, see-through accessories trend, and fans are unabashedly wearing the look with pride. If you need a refresher, totally see-through pieces were big on the spring 2018 runways, meaning these items are finally available to shop. Céline’s $590 plastic bag stands out—especially since it costs about $589.95 less to actually make a plastic bag.

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On the streets, plastic coats are becoming a thing people turn to as well (we can thank designers like Calvin Klein for that).

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But what’s up with these Chanel bucket rain hats? Last year, Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld made quite the literal splash when he sent models like Kaia Gerber down the runway with water proof (or water proof-looking) plastic accessories. Gerber wore hers with tweed separates and a white denim mini-skirt, obviously. 

VIDEO: Inside Chanel’s Fall 2018 Runway Show

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These funny hats looks more like something Paddington Bear would wear and less like real, off-the-runway fashion. However, real people are wearing them. And though Chanel’s PVC and grosgrain versions come with a chic, logo-stamped white or black band, this piece will cost you more than some people’s weekly paycheck. The price? $1,150. If you’re on a budget, try the “affordable” $550 transparent headband.

Kaia isn’t the only person wearing these, though. From New York to Paris Fashion Week this season, regular women hit the streets wearing their clear plastic hats confidently. It’s precisely what Instagram’s Eva Chen and Tamu McPherson wore across town. 

At Chanel’s fall 2018 show, if you weren’t wearing these hats, were you even there? Scroll down to see everyone taking the PVC trend to the next level.

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