Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks About Her Love for Scrunchies

The late ‘80s and early ‘90s may have been the last time you dared wearing a scrunchie out in public, but one woman has single-handedly championed them since: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Yes, the Supreme Court justice may have one of the toughest jobs in Washington. And that’s precisely why when it comes to her hair accessories game, she also takes no prisoners. The 85-year-old justice opened up in an interview with The Wall Street Journal about the fact that she’s worn the polarizing hair accessory for her entire career with the Supreme Court.

“I have been wearing scrunchies for years,” she said, also graciously offering up her best scrunchie sources. “My best scrunchies come from Zurich. Next best, London, and third best, Rome.”

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Don’t think the woman is limited in her fashion taste, either. Ginsburg said she loves other accessories as well. “My scrunchie collection is not as large as my collar and glove collections, but scrunchies are catching up,” she said.

Last year, scrunchies started having a bit of a comeback when celebrities like Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and J.Lo stepped out wearing them. They were big at Mansur Gavriel’s spring 2018 show, and we even put together a nifty guide for wearing them.

Leave it to Ginsburg, though, to show us how it’s done. Below, some of her scrunchie highlights.

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