Savvy Knit-Crafted Streetwear : Zoë Jordan

Zoë Jordan’s Knitwear-Focused Brand Creates Suave Streetwear

Zoë Jordan’s knitwear pieces have always had a central focus on athleticism, blending together the designer’s own functional style with feminine silhouettes. The designer’s upcoming Fall season does not diverge from this blend of personal touches with delicate silhouettes. Jordan broadens the series with silk materials, angora and extreme color-washed denim to welcome the fall weather.

A new piece from the brand is the Angora sweater — the piece is crafted with a blend of silks and knits. Some other standout items are the striped tracksuits, sweaters that have multiple cutouts, miniskirts, knit joggers and bomber jackets. Zoë Jordan merges some utilitarian pieces such as nylon shell jackets that recall activities such as rock climbing. The color palette of the new series focuses on mint green, pink, lilac purple, black, white and red.

Image Credit: Zoë Jordan


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