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ASOS’ ‘Style Match’ Conducts Image Searches on Similar Products

ASOS’ Style Match is a new feature that has been added to its app, allowing users to either take or upload a photo to find similar results.

While there are now more places than ever to search for outfit inspiration, this can leave the average person with tons of images saved to their smartphone, not knowing where to purchase the desired items. Currently, ASOS offers more than 85,000 products to search through, with thousands more added weekly. The tool has the potential to make it easy for all shoppers to recreate their favorite looks with affordable options.

Style Match from ASOS initially launched in the UK as of summer 2017, but this is a feature that is now available to all of its app users globally. As such, it is being called a game-changing way to shop, with many comparing it to the clothing organization system found in Cher’s closet in Clueless.


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