The Best Beauty Products That Are Approved by the Queen

The Royals don’t keep everything a secret. The details of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding were basically public information, and we’ve even caught a glimpse of their family photo albums thanks to Kate Middleton’s photography skills. But when it comes to beauty products and routines, they’re pretty hush-hush.

Queen Elizabeth is never going to walk us through her exact skincare routine, but she will let the world know (in the most subtle way possible) when she uses a beauty brand or one of its services. It’s called the Royal Warrant, and there’s an entire website dedicated to what brands and companies have earned the badge of honor. 

According to the website, Royal Warrants are given to anyone who “supplied goods or services” to the the households of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip), or the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) for at least five years, or who have an ongoing trading arrangement. So if the Queen uses a specific product or brand, it’s given the Queen’s seal. And yes, there’s an entire section dedicated to beauty and grooming pros, products, and companies. 

So what does the Queen use? We don’t have specifics, but we do have a list of the brands she’s approved, along with some hearsay on what items in each collection she fancies. Keep scrolling to see seven beauty brands that currently boast the Royal Warrant. 

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