The Best Short Haircuts of Summer 2018

Wet, sweaty pieces of hair sticking to the back of your neck on a humid summer day is enough to make anyone with long hair consider chopping it all off.  

If you’ve been thinking about going short because you’re ready for a major change, or you want to switch up your pixie for the new season, the red carpet is currently full of inspiration to bring to your hairstylist. 

Kate Hudson’s choppy, layered pixie and Zendaya’s wavy bob with blunt bangs are a few of the on-trend ways to wear your hair short this summer. Aside from the obvious benefit of having less sweaty hair moments, the best part about these cuts is that they work for a variety of hair types and textures. 

To help you narrow down your options before heading to the salon, we’ve rounded up the hottest short haircuts of summer 2018. 

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