The Top 7 Shoes to Wear With Chinos

Chinos are the staple item for any menswear wardrobe. Consistently stylish throughout the year, there’s no doubting that they’ve become a timeless investment. However, finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear with them can be a constant struggle, especially when you are in a rush.

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Chinos are one of the most versatile pieces that a man can have in his wardrobe. They can be worn for both casual and formal settings and can suit each and every season or personal style. Preppy or streewear, a good pair of chino’s will get you from day to night. Additionally, when wearing in a formal setting, (good if you’re not a fan of having to wear a full on suit to formal occasions) paired with a well-ironed Oxford shirt, you will instantly look sophisticated and easy on the eyes.

However, despite its versatility, it’s not always easy to know what shoes to match with a good pair of chinos, especially when you’re trying to stick to a certain style. Fear not, because we have created a guide which will take you through all the possible pairings, and additionally give you a few suggestions on what to throw on on top as well.

mens chinos and trainers look for men
Chino’s can be worn relaxed or for smart situations



If you’ve never worn a pair of loafers then you might not think they’re the most versatile shoe out there, but that’s really just because you haven’t experienced the style for yourself. Whether you’re pairing them for formal or even casual occasions, these shoes are perfect for matching with any style of chinos. 


Loafers and chinos don’t scream ‘super casual’, but you can achieve a relaxed and comfortable look when pairing the two together if you really put some thought into it. So if you want a simple outfit, go for a pair of slim fit chinos and a comfortable fitted T-shirt, then slip on some casual tasselled loafers and you’ve got yourself a put together yet informal outfit. You can easily change up the colours, opting for some bright blue chinos to liven up your look a little.

However if the idea of matching your chinos with a T-shirt seems a little dull, you can easily pair it with a patterned shirt and still achieve a casual look. Bring some individuality to your outfit but keep your colour palette consistent. A blue pair of chino’s and brown loafers work together well especially if you throw on a pattern blue casual shirt.

suede loafers mens street style
Men wearing suede loafers


In addition to this look, try experimenting with colours and shapes as loafers go well with both long chinos and the cropped design. If the summer heat is in full force then turn your trouser leg to just above your ankle. Slip on a pair of suede loafers and roll up each leg equally for a stylish look that’s perfect for the warmer weather.

Some ideal loafers for a casual pairing are ones that go a little bolder with their design. Whether it’s with unique additions like tassels, stand out colours, or punchier styles, you have a lot of choices when it comes to pairing them with your trusty chinos.


Loafers and chinos are a classic smart combination. Just Google the term and you’ll have dozens of images of guys rocking the look. How you decide to add some formality to your outfit is up to you, but here are a few tips to get you started.

For a smarter look, it’s best to keep your loafers simple, so that means avoiding the thick soled ones and picking a fitted, slim line design. Don’t worry, because there are plenty to choose from. When you’re picking your chinos you can go for a range of fits, but try to keep the colours neutral. One last formal tip is to always remember to keep things simple. You can still go for some detail, but we recommend keeping it to a minimum and sticking to the classic brown, black and navy colours (neutral tones always win!).

Men’s chinos and loafer’s are ideal for a summery day



If you don’t have a pair of brogues then you’re missing out on a huge range of outfits as brogues and chino’s are a perfect match. Much like the loafer, you can get a smart and casual look with the right pair of brogues. However we would suggest that you need to pick a pair that’ll suit you, as there’s a huge array of options ranging from chunky to skinny (if you can have a skinny shoe), the pair should be in proportion to your body as well as the chino style.


For a casual look, you can go for bolder brogue design than you would for a formal look. Opting for a thick-soled shoe in a less neutral colour, like red or white will give a bold statement as well as screaming preppy streetstyle. When it actually comes to choosing your pair of chinos, you can go for any style, it can be cropped, straight leg, skinny fit, or classic slim fit. However, for a casual look, you have the option to push the boat out in terms of colour so try matching a pair of red chinos with some punchy thick soled brogues, and finishing off the look with a leather bomber jacket.

It’s easy to throw on, looks stylish, and on top of that it’s insanely comfortable. This will give you a chino combination that’s great for autumn and winter. To keep things balanced, don’t go for chinos that are too slim fit. If you’re going for thicker, chunkier brogues, you can risk the chance of looking a little bottom heavy. However, if you want to go for a more striking look, then that could work in your favour. It would give you a grungier, more alternative style – perfect for when you want the skinny jean look without actually wearing a pair.

mens sand chinos and burgundy brogues for men
A chunky pair of brogues will create an alternative, edgy look


Dressing comfortably in brogues and chinos doesn’t have to be a mission. Simply opt for a T-shirt and our leather bomber jacket and it’s as simple as that. As for the chinos, don’t be afraid to play around with something different, like a burgundy shade rather than the classic beige. For a look that’s a little less alternative, but still casual and comfortable, wear the T-shirt with a denim jacket.

Always remember the chinos and a denim jacket combination will go surprisingly well no matter the situation. This look is a perfect way to experiment with the textures in your wardrobe in a safe way. When worn with brogues, this outfit is bound to keep you looking sharp yet casual this autumn. So when it comes to choosing the style of brogues you can go for a traditional low rise brogue, or a more relaxed pair of brogue boots. Either style will work, so it’s really down to preference and comfort.


A traditional pair of brogues are usually slim fit, leather and come in brown or black. This style of brogues are great for that smarter attire you’re after- surprising considering these formal shoes started out as footwear for farmers in the nineteenth century.

You can go for a preppy look with some light coloured chinos, paired with a tailored blazer. Add a classic stand-up collar shirt and a pair of black or dark brown brogues to complete the look. You’ll look effortlessly smart, without looking like you didn’t spend hours getting ready in front of the mirror. You can add a few embellishments like a pocket square or waistcoat if you want to go extra fancy.

You can really dress up a pair of chino’s with some good accessories


This is probably one of the hardest shoes to get right when matching them with chinos, however, if styled correctly you can achieve a relaxed yet clean look that’s ideal for casual and smart casual occasions. What trainers you choose depends on the outfit, but it’s best to stick to a slim fit and neutral colour. No flashy green and red designs here. You want to make sure they’re in keeping with the sleek looking chinos.


A casual look is easily achieved with trainers, as obviously they’re designed for more relaxed wear. A T-shirt is an obvious choice for a casual look, a simple monochrome coloured one that’ll match a pair of black chinos and white trainers will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box with unique colours such as silver or light blue, just remember to keep it simple.

With a wide choice of colour to choose from for your classic chinos, opting for a trainer is easy. When pairing your new kicks with the smart-casual trousers, go for a slim fit chino and a slim fit T-shirt, and try and match your trainers with the colours of your outfit. A simple pair of white lace up trainers is going to match well with the overall look. Then it’s as simple as throwing on a suede bomber jacket. This will give you a relaxed outfit that would look great on all shapes and sizes.

mens tan chinos converse white t-shirt sunglasses street style
Converse is always a good option when wearing chino’s


For a smart day to day look, keep the colour palette darker and the chinos more tailored. This will keep the look grounded in a smart style, even when paired with trainers. For the trainers, again keep them simple with a pair of white lace ups. This won’t detract too much from the overall look. Throw over a smart, fitted coat, like a peacoat. Now you have an outfit that’s clean, relaxed, yet smart – great for the office.

Like the casual look try to keep your trainers plain and in a slim design. Try to avoid patterns and bright colours and this will clash with the formal look of your outfit.

A darker pair of chinos instantly make your outfit look smarter, even with trainers

What Shoes to Wear With Chinos

  • Chinos can be styled to suit a wide range of occasions, whether it’s a formal event or something a bit more casual, chinos will work.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match your chinos and shoe choices. Casual shoes like trainers can create a sleek, street style look and brogues or loafers will make you look a little bit preppier.
  • If you’re going for low rise statement shoes, try cuffing your chinos to show off your footwear, you don’t want to pick the best shoes and have them covered by your chinos.
  • Don’t be afraid of wearing a pair of high top trainers or even boots with your chinos. They work perfectly for a more autumn/winter feel to your outfit.
what shoes to wear with chinos for men
There are loads of shoe options when it comes to chinos, you just need to find a favourite

On That Note

So as you can see there’s a load of ways you can wear your stylish chinos. Whether you’re going for a smart or casual look, there are lots of options for you. Keep things comfortable with some lace up trainers, or go ultra sleek with a pair of penny loafers. The choice is yours and with this handy guide, no matter what you choose you’ll never get it wrong.

Author: Charlotte Pratt


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