The Top Barbour Jackets and How to Style Them

Barbour is an undeniable classic of British fashion. Wearable in both the city and the country they produce some of the most versatile jackets around. Although you can find a Barbour that will work in almost any look, it’s still important to get the right style for you. 

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Men’s Barbour Jackets

They’ve gone from being a jacket designed for the workman of 1894 to being a fashion statement all over the world. With over ten own stores in the UK and a presence in another 40 other countries, Barbour jackets and Barbour coats are loved by more than just those in the country.

They’ve extended their range to more than simply wax jackets. You can now pick up jackets with a quilted fabric design and even leather. They’re a truly British operation, keeping their manufacturing base in South Shields in the UK, they resisted urges to move their headquarters abroad which is something they should be recognised for.

How to Wear a Barbour Jacket

So you’ve picked up a Barbour jacket that works for you, but what should you wear it with? If you’re trying to recreate the British countryside look then some men’s field jackets could work well for you. If you want something that’s a bit more city boy, a suit or smart trousers and jumper will also work well. Accessories are also a perfect way to bring almost every outfit together, scarfs, gloves and hats can all be worn with a Barbour jacket.

Barbour Quilted Jacket

The quilted jacket is a lot easier to clean than the standard wax jacket and definitely gives you another option to consider when picking up a jacket from Barbour. A quilted jacket is able to feel insulating yet it’s not bulky and heavy due to the quilted design and technology. This is, therefore, a perfect transitional jacket to cover all seasons.

Wear your quilted jacket with the right layers and you’ll have an outfit that is suitable for more than just one season. A simple cardigan or black zip-up jumper is ideal for adding simple yet effective layers. Our black 1/4 zips are ideal for really nailing this look and are incredible quality for the price. Accessorise this look with a light scarf for a bit of colour pop and you’ve hit the style nail on the head.

barbour quilted jacket cardigan scarf checked shirt
A quilted Barbour jacket will stand the style tests of time

Barbour Wax

If you’re going to re-wax the jacket yourself you can pick up a pot of Barbour wax Thornproof Dressing. Getting the wax is the easy bit, now you just need to apply it to the jacket itself.

How to Re Wax Your Jacket

The nature of their jackets means they’re not going to hold the wax for a long time. If you’ve got a jacket that’s lost its wax protection, you don’t even have to think about replacing the jacket. Re-waxing is simple and means you can get a few more years out of your jacket.

Barbour Waxed Jacket

It’s their iconic look and the Barbour waxed jacket isn’t just reserved for shooting – it can work easily with a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans. A cheaper alternative to the Barbour Beacon jacket, the wax jacket is ideal for any season. If you don’t immediately think of Barbour as streetwear, things could be about to change. The wax jacket has come a long way, and if worn with a casual sweatshirt and dad fit jeans, the jacket fits into a streetwear wardrobe well. The jackets are mostly in darker colours so you’ll find it works easily with most of your existing outfits.

Pair your Barbour wax jacket with a simple overshirt and some good jeans. Our own range of light chore jackets are perfect for any season. They add depth and texture to almost any look and work especially well with this heritage style. Finish the whole thing off with our black jeans and you’ve got the whole look on lock.

barbour jacket coat checked shirt mens
Waxed jackets have had a recent resurgence over the past few years


Barbour & Hunter Wellington Boots

If you want to create a traditional hunting look you can consider combining the jacket with a pair of hunter wellies. The wellie look and wax jacket style go hand in hand and create the ideal country attire. So if you do want to go all out and enjoy a part of Barbour heritage, finish the outfit with some blue denim jeans and a flat cap!

Barbour Leather Jacket

The leather Barbour is a move away from their traditional waxed cotton. The design has a classic biker aesthetic with a closer fit than their standard jackets. If you’ve got yours dirty you should only consider cleaning it if you feel it’s totally necessary. Overdoing it can put too much pressure on the leather and ruin it. If you’re not confident, don’t risk it – take the jacket to a professional cleaner who will know what they’re doing.

As this is a modern take on Barbour’s heritage style, you don’t have to go full-on country (unless you want to of course) – then a simple pair of jeans and a jumper will work well. Finish the look with a scarf and some boots and you can hit the city without looking like you’ve come straight from the farm.

Daniel Craig wears the country style well


History of Barbour

It all began in the late 1800s with this South Shields market trader ending up as one of the most sought after British brands of the 21st century. They still manufacture around 100,000 jackets a year from their site in Simonside, showing off the best of British to the World. They’re known for their connection to shooting and often Barbour jacket pockets will be holding at least a couple empty shell cartridges.

The jackets were originally designed for fisherman. Their waterproof qualities meant they were perfect at keeping them dry whilst out at sea. The tough cotton fabric would also withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. They’re now seen as a central piece of the British country outfit. The look being a pair of blue jeans, wellies and a shotgun over their arm. Their new range shows a more fashionable approachable style that looks to the future. All whilst maintaining their quality waterproof British design.

The Top Barbour Jackets

  • The wax jacket is easily the most popular of the Barbour styles. It’s lightweight and waterproof, making it an extremely versatile piece of clothing.
  • Get your hands on a quilted jacket if you want something a bit warmer. The design of the quilt allows it to be lightweight yet warm.
  • Wear your Barbour jackets with jeans and a simple crew neck for a quick and easy outfit that looks effortlessly put together.
  • Barbour x Wood Wood has a new selection of jackets, jumpers and T-shirts that are worth checking out.
alex turner barbour
If it’s good enough for Alex Turner then it’s good enough for us

On That Note

Barbour have a wealth of heritage that they have translated into their designs and eventually products. With functionality and fashion in mind the coats that are produced are worth investing in. It’s not only coats that Barbour succeed in, but hats, scarfs, bottoms and jumpers are all on the list of Barbour pieces – take a look now online.


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