The Trendiest Color Combos for Every Kind of Summer Wedding

Fourth nor’easter aside, spring is here, which means wedding season will soon be upon us. And if you’re getting hitched this summer, it’s the perfect time to choose a wedding palette, which will help determine the vibe of your big day and narrow down your decor decisions, from flowers to linens to party favors.

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According to Anne Chertoff, trend expert at WeddingWire, you don’t want to choose just one shade—three is the magic number. One can be bland or monochromatic, and much more than three can cross over into kitschy territory.

The season of your wedding is a great starting point for choosing the shades that will make up your wedding palette. In spring and summer, pastels always look beautiful, especially for traditional weddings, as do deep, warm accents, like burgundies and violets. Stay away from using multiple dark and moody shades together, which is an aesthetic more in like with fall and winter celebrations, but a navy contrasted with a soft, light color may be the perfect way to highlight your color scheme.

And the essential palette tip that many couples often skip? Let your venue guide you. Are you having a beach wedding or planning a celebration on a farm? Is your reception rustic or does it have a vintage theme? Maximize your venue’s potential by choosing the colors that will bring out its natural charm. To help you get started, Chertoff laid out the most stylish and popular Summer 2018 color combinations for every type of wedding.

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