Top Picks for the Commuter

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your journey to work will be filled with either the joys of the British weather, the sweats of the central line or the all-around pleasure of Southern Rail. Commuting has become a part of the life of the modern man, so check out our Top Picks for the Commuter to make yours that little bit more bearable.

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We think it’s safe to assume that nobody actually enjoys their commute to work – if we had it our way, we would click our fingers and go from the bed to the office chair. This is why we have taken one for the commuting team and gone on a hunt for the top things you need on your commute to make it that bit better. Enjoy!

Juice Long Weekender Power Bank

One of the worst things that can happen on a commute is having your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet etc die on you. Whether you listen to music on the way to or from work, catch up on a Netflix episode or go through your emails, making sure you have enough charge on your devices is an essential part of the commute. If you have the tendency to use up all of your power and often find yourself bored on the commute because of it, this is the Top Pick for you.

Juice is a fun, innovative brand that creates all of the portable chargers (plus more) that you’ll ever need. We have selected the Juice Long Weekender Power Bank to feature on our Top Picks because let’s face it, if you’re going to invest in a portable charger, it may as well be the best one out there. The Juice Long Weekender Power Bank has an impressive battery capacity of 13,000mAh (which is a lot) and has a charge time of seven hours. You can charge two devices at the same time with this power bank, making it one of the most useful charges you can own. When you run out of charge in the Juice Long Weekender – which you can check on thanks to the LED percentage display on the front – you can recharge it to give you around 4 full charges each time.

You can take your Juice Long Weekender Power Bank with you anywhere, be it on your commute or to a festival this summer. To get one now, in one of their many colours, check out their website or buy one here.

Juice® Long Weekender

The Idle Man Coats and Jackets

Britain is known for its unpredictable weather, so if you commute by foot, bike or even train, you should try to have a decent coat to hand at all times. When we say decent, we mean it should be comfortable and practical whilst still looking good. The key features to look out for on a jacket is that it will complement a lot of your outfits, it’ll match well with your suit and that it is somewhat waterproof or windproof. We have picked out three of our Top Picks of jackets for the commuter.

The Idle Man Puffer Jacket Black

Every man should be well-equipt with a puffer jacket, and what better one to have than one from our very own collection? The puffer jacket is a trend that has come and gone out of fashion for such a long time and right now, we’re loving it. This jacket comes with a packable hood to make sure you’re covered for the inevitable downpours as well as being padded to ensure the heat stays in. Offering the ideal combination of style and warmth, our puffer jacket in black will be a great choice for your daily travels to and from the office.

The Idle Man Fleece with Pocket Navy

Offering an alternative to a black waterproof jacket, The Idle Man fleece in navy is a great option for when you know it won’t rain or for when you know it’s going to be so cold that you’ll need an extra layer underneath your jacket. This fleece comes in a regular fit, so consider how you want to style it as to what sizing you pick. If you want to wear it underneath a jacket, consider sizing up on the jacket itself, and think about going a size up on the fleece if you want to wear it as a full outerwear piece.

The Idle Man Panelled Puffer Jacket Black

This is the more technical puffer jacket for the man who commutes. Still designed for fashion, the Panelled Puffer involves a few more functional features that will serve you well on your work travels. With welded zips, three external pockets and one internal one, quilted sleeves, a drawcord adjustable hood and waist and a padded, panelled body, this jacket is bound to keep you as warm as you need to be. Coming in the simple colourway of black, you won’t have to worry about this jacket clashing with any of your work attire.

THE IDLE MAN Puffer Jacket Black mens-style-fashion-commute
What To Wear For A Commute


Lola James Harper

Nothing quite beats the frustration of having to walk to work or to your nearest train station in the morning, only to realise how sweaty you are from doing so, and then how you have to work all day in that condition. Nobody likes to smell, so we think a decent aftershave should be a must-have for every commuter.

We have teamed up with a cool and innovative brand that has just released its new 50ml Eau de Toilettes in six creative scents. Lola James Harper, founded in 2013, is a brand that is dedicated to their stories which they project into all of their products. Each of their six scents is called a name to signify a moment in time as Lola James Harper refers to each of their EDT’s as ‘personal potions’. Our favourite of their unisex scents is the ‘Play Again Now’. With a woody, rough fragrance, this will make the perfect addition to every long or short journey where you need to refresh yourself. Coming in bottles of 50ml, these are the perfect size to slip in your bag to take with you on your commute. If you want to smell better

If you want to smell better, and trust us (your co-workers might even thank you for it) then head over to the Lola James Harper website to find out more about their products, or buy yours now on The Conran Shop website.

Lola James Harper Play Again EDP
PHOTO CREDIT: Lola James Harper

The Idle Man Backpacks

It goes without saying that behind every great commuter is a great backpack. when travelling to and from work, it’s more than a necessity to have a bag to put your belongings in. Whether you need somewhere to store your laptop, your lunch or even your gym kit, we have all sorts of bags to suit all sorts of needs.

The Idle Man Waterproof Fabric Roll Top Backpack Black

You never realise how great a waterproof bag is until it downpours on you and soaks all of your stuff – it’s happened before and it isn’t a recommended experience. In answer to this, a waterproof backpack should be your new best commuting partner. This bag is big enough to keep everything you need in with a capacity of 15 Litres (an odd way of measuring a bag, we know). With a rolltop and clip closure, you can be assured that there’s no way the rain will be sneaking inside of this bag, so no need to worry about getting a wet laptop or a soggy sandwich.

The Idle Man Backpack Black

The Backpack in Black from The Idle Man is the simplest design of a backpack you can get. This means it’ll go with every outfit without over complicating it. The minimal design allows you to keep all your work belongs inside without the hassle of wearing a big, bulky bag. With a signature poll-cotton coating on the fabric, padded straps and an extra zip pocket, this is the ideal bag to commute with for all of your essentials.

The Idle Man Leather Look Overnight Bag Black

Fiannly, we have selected the Leather Look Overnight Bag in black as a commuting Top Pick. Sometimes you simply have too much stuff to put into a backpack, and when this happens, an overnight bag may be the best solution. We love our Leather Look Overnight Bag because it’s simple and clean and holds a hell of a lot. Perhaps you’re a gym fanatic who needs a bag big enough to hold all your work and workout gear at the same time. With an attachable shoulder strap (idea for commuting with) and a capacity of 35 Litres (there we go again with the strange measurements) make this bag your go-to now.

lifestyle luggage image
The Best Bag For A Commute


T2 Explorer Flask Black

If you, like us, struggle to function properly without a tea of coffee in the morning, then we have the right Top Pick for you. T2 is the new, cool and trending tea destination that supplies everything we need for a good cuppa, and the one thing we have our eyes firmly set on is their Explorer 500ml Flask with Infuser. This flask solves every morning hot drink issue, especially the cost which shop bought coffee rakes up over the months.

You only need to buy this flask once as you can reuse it every day (and you will definitely want to). With most decent loose leaf teas, the brewing process often takes longer than a lot of us have time for. This is why this flask is so handy – all you need to do is put in the tea and the water and you’re good to go. If tea isn’t quite your thing and a coffee is your morning fuel, fret not. You can simply take out the infuser inside the flask and fill it up with your drink of choice.

Unlike most flasks, you won’t find this one spilling out the contents all over your suit. We’re not suggesting you start flailing it around, but you can be a little more liberal with it than you might be used to with your morning coffee.

Why not check out all of the different flavours of tea you can put in your flask. From Chocolate sweet teas to cold ice teas, you really are spoilt for choice. Find yours now on the T2 website.

T2 Explorer Flask with Infuser

Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

Music makes the world go round. It also really helps to make a long commute bearable.

We find it impossible to do our commute without some music to help us through, but good music is wasted without some good headphones. This is why we have picked out the Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones from Skullcandy.

These headphones really do the part. They look great (which in our books is a huge bonus) and they work great, too. The Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones have Bluetooth technologies so you can listen to all your music hassle-free. They also fold up making them the easiest headphones to carry around with you on your commute. When fully charged, the Hesh 3’s have up to 22 hours of battery life (plenty of time to cover your commute for a week). What’s more is that after only ten minutes of charging, you’ll get an impressive four hours play out of them.

Nothing is worse than a pair of uncomfortable headphones, so again, we love these because of their memory foam ear cushions. What more could you want?

Find your pair of Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones along with many other amazing designs on the Skullcandy website.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones
PHOTO CREDIT: Skullcandy


January may be well behind us now, but for the best part of the population, the fitness and health craze lives on. Going to the gym goes hand in hand with the fitness fad, which is why a lot of men take their gym gear to work to hit the gym either before, during lunch, or after their day in the office. If this sounds like a bit of you, read on.

We have featured a lot of protein powders throughout our Top Picks features, however, what we have found they all have in common is the huge packaging they come in. It’s a bit too much hassle to decant some protein powder into a separate tub every day, which is why we are now huge fans of Whey’d.

Whey’d create high-quality whey powder which is built for your building. They claim to have more naturally occurring BCAA’s than any whey powder which is great news for us, as they have stocked up on their protein sachets. No longer do we have the struggle of knowing what to do without the powder for our commute as now all we need to do is pop a sachet in our bags. With each sachet containing 20g of protein and coming in two flavours of strawberries & cream and chocolate, you’ll never look back again.

Stock up on plenty of Whey’d for your commute now but checking out the Whey’d website.

Whey’d Protein Powder Sachets

On That Note

Commutes are never going to be a bundle of joy, but we hope with these selections of Top Picks, they will become that little bit easier. Whether you walk to work, get the tube, cycle or take the train, at least one of the above should give you some inspiration for your day to day travels.


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