Translucent Over-Sized Totes : Over-sized PVC Tote

Off-white’s Over-Sized PVC Tote Features a More Tinted Finish

Off-White is continuing to drop this season’s must-have items, with the latest being its oversized PVC tote, offering an updated iteration of the translucent bags that have dominated the fashion world.

The gorgeous bag is perfect for the organized fashionista that’s looking to show off their belongings. Sleek and stylish, this black bag features a look that’s more tinted than most eliciting a sense mystery. At the same time, the bag’s finish still remains slightly see-through, serving as a more contemporary version of the popular translucent purses.

The bag also comes equipped with Off-White’s branding, as well as some unique detailing throughout. While simple, this bag comes with a luxurious price tag of $1,200.

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