Upcycled Furniture Footwear : Footwear From Furniture

This Berlin Artist Makes Footwear from Furniture Found on the Street

Berlin-based artist Magdalena Woodmann is growing in popularity for creating handmade footwear from furniture found on the street. All materials used by Woodmann are generated and used in an eco-friendly way; all materials are found abandoned in Berlin. From taking fabric off of a couch to creating heels from wooden chairs, Woodmann works with transforming something lost and disheveled into something beautiful. A few pieces from her Instagram page include a pair of heels upholstered with fringe from drapes and a pair of Renaissance-era flats featuring graphic pictures.

Woodmann creates each pair of shoes individually to match her client’s personality. Each pair of shoes takes less than four hours to make, but Woodmann takes up to 20 hours to examine each pair before sale.


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