Yellow Monster Clothing Lines : Minions and Uniqlo

Minions and Uniqlo Created a New Bright Clothing Line for Kids

The famous yellow Minions and Uniqlo teamed up to create a new and bold clothing line just for kids. Uniqlo is known for creating high-quality clothing at an affordable price, attempting to make apparel that is both stylish and accessible for everyone.

The new ‘Bello Summer’ line is filled with summer-ready t-shirts, with designs of minions doing multiple summer activities. The color scheme for the line features the characters’ classic colors: bright yellow, light yellow, navy blue, baby blue and white. With humorous phrases and pictures, each piece from this line is the perfect way to add some fun into any kid’s wardrobe.

The new Minions and Uniqlo clothing line for kids is available online now starting at $9.90, in multiple sizes for kids of all ages.


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