Equinox’s “Commitment, a Collection by Equinox” Campaign

January 9, 2018 @ 5:00 PM

Would you proudly flaunt a lipstick case made directly from the pages of The Washington Post? Equinox certainly wants you to.

The fitness brand released a new campaign photographed by legend Steven Klein and unlike a lot of ads, this one’s dedicated to activism (how 2018 of them!). Equinox tapped fashion heavyweights like Virgil Abloh and Shayne Oliver to create custom pieces that support various causes to make up the “Commitment, a Collection by Equinox” portfolio. The name borrows from the gym’s “Commit to Something” slogan.

“The Truth Lipstick” (above), for instance, was designed by Mel Ottenberg (Rihanna’s stylist) to represent the brand’s support of freedom of the press and journalism.

Unfortunately, for those of us #committed to shopping, none of the seven items produced will be up for sale. Instead, they’ll be auctioned off during the year to raise money for several nonprofit organizations that help others.

“We’re living in a time where commitment has become a relative rarity, so the stories we’re sharing as part of this year’s campaign feel especially important as a catalyst for inspiring others to accomplish their own goals—both inside and outside the four walls of our clubs,” Vimla Black Gupta, Equinox chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

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Ottenberg added, “the commitment stories we worked with were so interesting and varied, and to be able to create different products with some of my favorite designers was such a fun and rewarding challenge.”

Scroll to see all of the pieces made—plus what they’re each intended to symbolize.

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