Futuristic Sneakers Inspired By Those Balenciaga’s Everyone’s Wearing

January 19, 2018 @ 4:00 PM

Over the past few months, celebs (Bella Hadid) and bloggers (Chiara Ferragni) alike have been wearing the futuristic sneaker, first seen on the Balenciaga runways last season. Us “normals” might be puzzled as to how to add this shoe to our everday wardrobe. Have no fears. We’ve got you covered. While it could easily be said that these bulky sole sneakers are unflattering, our favorite trendsetters are proving the style is cool and edgy. Added bonus: they give us that nostalgic 90’s feel that we can’t get enough of. 

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Since this sneaker is a statement on its own we recommend pairing them with a simple outfit, like a classic jean or tailored pant and a sleek blazer. For an edgier look try a leather or vinyl black pant and a vintage tee. Take the plunge and try the hottest new accessory this season. Shop our favorites to buy now! 

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