Tom Binns’ New Jewelry Collection

January 12, 2018 @ 6:00 PM

Several years back, everyone and their moms wore statement necklaces. Remember those oversized, multi-layered, crystallized bibs that could replace a shirt collar and add pizazz even to a corporate office outfit. Tom Binns was one, if not the only, trendsetter to start the frenzy with his beautiful pieces. Even Michelle Obama was a fan!

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While statement necklaces are a thing of the past (although coming back in undulating waves throughout the seasons), Tom Binns is back with a new and completely fresh approach to jewelry. His most recent collection has one-of-a-kind accessories (really, more like mini art installations) with cleverly allotted names.

“The inspiration behind my latest work is to extend the perception beyond fashion accessories,” Binns says in a press release. “I want them to be seen more personally—as an individual selection of expression. They are unique, collectible works as opposed to manufactured products.”

Scroll through for some of our favorite pieces.

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